Iran on the Brink

Iran on the Brink – Rising Workers and Threats of War
Utkom våren 2007 på Pluto Press

Boken är den första monografin på engelska om Irans moderna arbetarrörelse och är skriven tillsammans med Andreas Malm.

”An insider’s account of Iran’s people, its politics, and the threat of invasion.

This is the first book to explore the changes taking in place in Iran from the ground up. While the world keeps its eyes riveted on Iran’s nuclear programme, the Islamic Republic has gone through a crisis of its own. This book shows how soaring unemployment and poverty has given way to social protest. A new labour movement has come to the fore. Although strikes are banned, workers are beginning to organise and underground networks are challenging the rule of the mullahs from within.

The authors offer a unique portrait of the social upheaval, why it is happening and where it may take the country. Following the fall of reformism, the rise of Ahmadinejad and the recent outbursts of ethnic violence, this book provides rare insights into the inner contradictions of the Islamic Republic.”

Louis Proyect del 1, Louis Proyect del 2, DN, Socialism Today, In Defence of Marxism, Offensiv.

Läs intervjun med oss om boken på No Sweat.

Läs mer om boken på Pluto Press.


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